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We are always together

KIM Woo-ri / 김우리 is a Korean producer and president of MOCUSHURA Inc. KIM studied cinematography at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. She has worked as a camera & lighting assistant staff in commercial films and as a DP or a gaffer in independent films. Since the establishment of the Independent Film House Mocushura Inc. in 2009, she has produced all director JANG Kun-Jae’s features. KIM wishes to continue making films with congenial friends for many years to come. She is concerned about the harmonious life of human and nature, and also interested in preserving the global environment.
JANG Kun-jae / 장건재 is a Korean director and producer. He studied cinematography at the Korean Academy of Film Arts. Assured of his abilities as a filmmaker, JANG has established himself by continuing to be deeply involved in a variety of roles for independent films over the past 20 years, and has been making an effort to foster young filmmakers. His works have been screened and exhibited in more than 50 cities, including New York, LA, Toronto, London, Paris, Rotterdam, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires. Also, his works have won awards in many major categories of various international film festivals. JANG lectured filmmaking for the Korean Academy of Film Arts for many years, and also has been teaching as a faculty for the Film Department at the Yongin University since 2012.
YOUN Hee-young / 윤희영 is a Korean producer and English translator. YOUN studied photography at the Southern Institute of Technology in New Zealand. Since working as an assistant director for CAMEL(S) in 2002, he has produced various short films including VR, translated English subtitles for various independent films, and supported their international entries. He recently produced MOM'S SONG which won the grand prize at 21st Jeonju International Film Festival in 2020. He believes in the powerful cinematic myth of the original and creative independent films and seeks to expand his interests into VR and AR stories. YOUN has been working for MOCUSHURA Inc. as a producer since 2016.