Son's Letter

당신에 대하여


I keep seeing Man-chul in my dreams. I'm not sure if it's a dream or not. "Here, here! Remember here. It’s right in front of this tree."

I’ve been living in Seongnam since my birth.

Walking on the street reminds me of my scattered memories and movies.

These streets and my memories are changing rapidly nowadays.

These changing images overlap my ill mother.

I found an old camcorder at home by accident. There was a tape inside. In the video, my father was filming my mother, my brother and me. I thought it could be the letter my father never wrote but sent to me. I decided to write him back with this 6mm camcorder he left behind.

The film starts with a picture of my mother. Her memories with my narration overlapped encompass the past, present and future of my mother and Seongnam. This is the testimony of my personal note. It’s about memory and space.

Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum 'Independent Production Support' Program (2019, South Korea)

24th Independent Film & Video Makers' Forum (2020, South Korea)

46th Seoul Independent Film Festival - Short film "New Choice" (2020, South Korea)

Korean title: 당신에 대하여

English title: Son's Letter

Original language title: dang-shin-ae dae-ha-yeo

Country of production: South Korea

Year of completion: 2020

Color or B&W : Mixed

Language : Korean

Running time : 27mins


Directed by Shin Dong-min

Cast: Kim Hye-jeong, Shin Jeong-woong, Shin Dong-whee

Executive producers: Jang Kun-jae, Kim Woo-ri

Producer: Koo Yang-wook

Associate producer: Youn Hee-young

Cinematographer: Shin Dong-min, Jeong Jae-ha

Editor: Shin Dong-min

Sound design: Koo Yang-wook

Production, distribution & sales: MOCUSHURA Inc.


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