달이 지는 밤 (f.k.a Moonless Night)


I see my grandpa here. Your late grandpa? I see him in my dream too.

A middle-aged woman arrives at a village in Muju follows the tinkling of bells heard from somewhere in the forest and finds traces beyond death in an empty house now in ruins.

Meanwhile, Kyung-yoon, who has long been out of touch with her close friend Min-jae, suddenly visits her. Min-jae has been living in her hometown, Muju after returning from school in Seoul.

This is a story about those who keep living in, those who left, and those who left and came back.

25th Busan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today "Panorama" (2020, South Korea)

Korean title: 달이 지는 밤

English title: Vestige

Original language title: da-ri ji-neun bam

Country of production: South Korea

Year of completion: 2020

Color or B&W: Color

Language: Korean

Running time: 70mins

- Part II -

Written and directed by JANG Kun-jae

Executive producers: YU Ki-ha, JO Ji-hoon

Producers: YOUN Hee-young, KIM Woo-ri

Cast: KANG Jin-ah, KWAK Min-kyu, AN Min-young, YU Soon-woong, CHOI Seong-soon, PARK Ki-chun, HAN Haein

Assistant director: KIM Eun-sung

Script supervisor: SHIN Dong-min

Cinematographer: MOON Myoung-hwan

Focus puller: NA Tae-woong

Lighting designer: JUNG Han-byeol-a

Lighting assistant: PARK Ip-sae

Production designer: YOO Jung-eun

Location sound mixer: PARK Song-yeol

Boom operator: shannie PHOE

Editor: LEE Yeon-jeong

Assistant editor: RHIE Jong-hun

Music: LEE Min-whee

Sound supervisor: CHANG Chul-ho

CG supervisor: WITHCLOUD

Digital intermediate: LEE Hye-min (CJ Powercast)

Production: Muju Film Festival & MOCUSHURA Inc.


Review / Interview

Vestige is an omnibus of two shorts by directors Kim and Jang, which both lead to making a feature film. Being part 1, director Kim depicts a shabby middle-aged woman wandering into an abandoned house at the foot of a mountain that lures us into the hallucinations she sees of her daughter. Part 2 by director Jang’s film is calm and serene, yet precarious as it follows two public officers working at the county office in a quiet rural town. Elegance in movements, lighting, and emotions generates an exquisite ensemble of the two films. Vestige is produced and provided by the Muju Film Festival. (JUNG Hanseok)